The high street alternative to Jeffrey Campbells

Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita are everywhere at the moment and due to the vast range of quirky designs available such as the new American flag design and trend aware pastel colour range.  They are loved by celebrities due to the quirky designs and $150-$200 dollars, (depending on the material or print you choose) price tag. The success of the brandImagemeans waiting several months for UK sellers to re-stock making Jefferey Campbells Lita exclusive and limited.

The ostrich textured black leather gives these platforms a rock n’ roll edge and considerable high heal gives fierce height, perfect for a young and stylish look.

They’re a great investment piece if your usual style is urban and luxury as these boots alone can create new life and personality into your current wardrobe and create many versatile high fashion looks. The hidden platform in the shoe also makes the walking in them much easier, as your foot is fully supported making walking around London or New York easy as pie.

Amber laces up boots are the high street alternative to the original high end Jeffery’s. Although I think for £35, you can’t really go wrong I just don’t think they do the originals justice with a slightly different shape and lower quality fabric. I think it takes away the exclusivity and rarity of the item by making them more accessible. I believe se shoes are one of a kind and should stay that way.

A wide range of real Jeffery Campbells can be found at and an Irish company Formosa Fashion is stocking Litas online too.

Are you for or against? Weigh in on possibly the most important debate in fashion blogging.

By Hannah Hussain


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