London fashion …

London fashion week is fast approaching and all the best-dressed trendsetters are always attending, which means the press are eagerly analysing their clothing choices. Everyone’s interested in who’s wearing whom? Is Kate Moss in Burberry or Stella McCartney? What’s Rihanna wearing? Who’s made it to the front row? This means choosing what to wear to the shows is always a nightmare. Designer clothing can be so expensive, and wearing your high street casuals is not an option.

 London Fashion Week is all about dressing to impress. 


So where do you even begin to look for suitable outfits for next seasons shows?

Maybe Sophia can help! Her online closet is always full of top designer clothes & accessories, and vintage is always in fashion. Sophia only stores the best and most wonderful designer pieces and she’s always there to help just one click away. From Louboutin’s classy Bianca heels to Haute Hippie’s ostrich feather cocktail dress Sophia has it all and she’s ready so solve all your fashion week outfit dilemmas.


Its all kicking off Friday 14th September with Antoni & Alison at the Courtyard show space and we expect to see you there in something wonderful from Sophia. With a range of different styles and outfits to choose from, Sophia can you keep you in Fashion up until Fashion Fringe closes the show on Tuesday September 18th. 


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