Eva Mendes Glams It Up with a Boho Chic Style



By Jennifer Greenleaf

Rachel Zoe has worked her magic once again on the already gorgeous Eva Mendes and her elegant wardrobe. According to Daily Mail, Mendes left Zoe’s office sporting a signatureboho chic look that the stylist is known for. Not only did Mendes exude beauty, but she did so in a casual way thanks to the talents of her stylist. With her dog at her side, Mendes completed the look of the basic white T-shirt and a brown polka-dotted skirt by adding turquoise-rimmed sunglasses and an updo featuring a brown headband. Even in a casual summer outfit with or without make-up, the star looked glamorous.

Zoe is considered the stylist to the stars–including Mendes–because of her impeccable taste. Daly Mail also notes some of Zoe’s other clientele includes Anne Hathaway and Cameron Diaz as well. Mendes has been spotted throughout California wearing gorgeous sundresses as the temperatures continue to rise thanks to her stylist, Rachel Zoe. Mendes is seen with her shimmering brown locks of hair in loose ponytails, as well as flowing loosely on her shoulders. She finishes off the look by highlighting her features through the use of natural-toned makeup.

Eva Mendes stars in an upcoming movie co-staring her beau Ryan Gosling entitled, The Place Beyond the Pines. The movie is set to release late 2012. Despite rumors flying about the possibility of the two of them getting married, Mendes remains quiet about their relationship. She remarks casually about how much she enjoys having him as a co-star in their upcoming movie, as well as how talented of an actor he is. However, not much more is said beyond that by this tight-lipped star.




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