Rachel Zoe wows local fashionistas Celeb stylist-turned-designer unveils fall collection

Rachel Zoe, the celebrity stylist-turned-designer, drew a few hundred stylish women to Holt Renfrew in Vancouver Thursday for the unveiling of her new fall collection.

And while a temporary run-way was created to show off Zoe’s collection of rock ‘n’ roll, late ’60s-inspired clothing, it was clear the crowds weren’t there just for fashion.

Zoe was the star of the day, having successfully parlayed her fashion acumen into a mini-empire that includes a reality TV Show, The Rachel Zoe Project, a New York Times bestselling book and now a clothing and accessories line. Most recently, she has added motherhood to the mix, turning the world of Rachel Zoe into an even more fascinating cocktail, whether you happen to be a fan or not.

Zoe, for her part, seems genuinely surprised by the interest in her life, saying that as a stylist, you expect to have a career that’s behind the scenes.

“I couldn’t be more sick of myself,” she said. “I can’t even listen to my voice on a recording.”

She pauses to contemplate the issue more deeply, then adds: “You know, I think the answer to that is I think someone who is a career woman and a family person might be interesting because you kind of wonder – many women struggle in life how to do both – so I think that might have something to do with it.”

There is, of course, glamour to it, too. Zoe started off in 1992 as an unknown stylist in L.A. and worked her way up to styling some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes, Anne Hath-away and Nicole Richie. Her glam, boho look of flowy dresses and oversized sunglasses became coveted by young women and launching her own fashion line. The 40-year-old taste-maker admits she felt a great deal of pressure when she went from stylist to designer.

“I put a huge amount of pres-sure on myself because I want to be great at it,” says Zoe.

But the collection has done well enough for Holt Renfrew to pick up another season. For fall 2012, Zoe focused on her trademark sweeping, floor-length dresses with painterly prints, magenta blazers and sequined cocktail dresses that channel Edie Sedgwick.



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