Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing Has £1000 Of Stock Stolen At ‘Candy Kittens’ Launch



Jamie Laing hasn’t stopped going on about his business idea ‘Candy Kittens’ for quite some time in the reality TV showMade In Chelsea, and his dreams finally came true last night when he launched his sexy sweet shop.

But it looks as though the drama that envelops the upmarket hit series was channelled into the McVities heir’s real life as the bash took a disastrous turn when a large portion of stock was scoffed by non-paying guests.

The King’s Road sweet shop for adults, which involves girls dressed in skimpy outfits as staff, had a launch party which saw most of the guests helping themselves to candy and not realising that they had to pay for everything that was on display.

One pretty Candy Kitten assistant told the Mail On Sunday: “We have had over a thousand pounds worth of stock taken.”

“Guests assumed the stuff on show was free and so helped themselves,” she added.

But despite all of the hoo-ha, Jamie Laing, who is the best pal of Spencer Matthews, still seemed over the moon by the store’s reception, saying: “It has been my lifelong dream to set up a sweet shop”.

“I wanted cute girls selling candy. It is all about making candy cool again! The perfect candy kitten is a cross between Mila Kunis and Kate Hudson, we had 700 girls apply and we have seven already. It is one big family” One very hot family…

The 22-year-old entrepreneur also described the two-floored shop which is selling smoothies, candy and cupcakes amongst other sweet tooth treats, as a cross between ”Willy Wonka and Hugh Hefner.”




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