Thomas Sabo Silver Oval Anchor Ring





Thomas Sabo Silver Oval Anchor Ring

The signet ring has long been a ‘coming of age’ gift for many a chav… Fact. Recently the fashion pack have decided to reclaim it from ‘chavdom’, and so the signet is no longer exclusive to Elizabeth Duke (harsh but true). Many a brand has taken it upon itself to drag to humble Signet into the now and none have achieved quite so well as Thomas Sabo.

The cult German brand has crafted this exemplary one from sterling silver – at £159 it’s hardly loose change but definitely a piece that will serve for longer than a season. The signet ring is a classic that will give an edge to the most mundane of outfits. Slip on a white tee and some skinny jeans and this cult accessory will take your outfit a step above.

Another great thing about the Signet is that if you get bored of wearing it on your finger, you can always chuck it on a chain to create your own DIY necklace – very cost effective and very east London. Overall, if you are looking for an accessory to update your wardrobe for the season ahead, the signet is a sterling (silver) choice.

Priced at £159 and available from Thomas Sabo.

Thomas Sabo Silver Oval Anchor Ring:

Thomas Sabo Silver Oval Anchor Ring



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