Style Essentials: Men’s Money Clips


After our recent feature on the magnetic collar stiffeners, we thought we would introduce our UK readers to another style essential; the money clip. Money clips are already extremely popular over in the US, appealing to men who don’t want to carry around a wallet on a daily basis.

After all, a wallet can become bulky and unsightly if you don’t empty out your receipts, travel tickets, cards etc. regularly, whilst in busy town centres, such as those commuting in London, it can also become a bulls-eye for pick pockets.

For those living in the UK, up until now it has been hard to source money clips, especially high quality, elegant versions that fit in with our ethos of dressing in a refined manner. However, the guys at solved this problem once and for all, sourcing a wide range of stainless steel and sterling silver money clips in a variety of designs, which are stocked and shipped right here on our home soil.

Why A Money Clip?

So why would you ever consider ditching your wallet in favour of a money clip? There is no doubt that the wallet is an iconic piece of menswear; something that can instantly show exactly what type of man you are and can even become an extension of you, with the material uniquely distressing with wear over time and almost moulding to your body shape.

Well, here are the 2 key reasons you should consider owning both a wallet and a money clip:

1. They Are Lightweight & Compact

The main advantage of a money clip is that it is compact, lightweight and less bulky than a wallet. A wallet can quickly swell, especially if you are a bit of a hoarder and carry around money, credit & debit cards, business cards, travel cards, fuel receipts etc. on a daily basis. A money clip alleviates this problem quickly and easily.

First of all, it doesn’t have any excess material adding to the weight, keeping it streamlined at all times, no matter how many cards you carry around. Secondly, it encourages you to only take what you need. Is it really necessary to carry around all of this quarter’s receipts in your pocket? Do you really need your Boots card, Nectar Card, Tesco Clubcard, 3 credit cards and 2 debit cards with you at all times?


Most men would get away with carrying 2 things: their debit card and cash. Other essentials may include your driver’s license, gym card and a credit card. That’s it. So why not swap to something that will hold all these effortlessly,without adding any unnecessary weight to your pockets.

Along the same lines – and most importantly to readers of this site – a money clip can make all your outfits look better. Think about it… you spend a lot of time creating sharp and refined outfits on an almost daily basis, and what ruins the overall silhouette quicker than stuffing your pocket with a bulky wallet? If you want to maintain clean lines and not ruin the lining of your favourite trousers, consider switching to a money clip – even if it is just for formal occasions or when you want to look your best on a night out, it will make the world of difference to your overall aesthetic.

2. They Are Unique

How many guys do you know own a money clip? They are not that popular here in the UK, so becoming an early adopter can separate you from the masses in a subtle and sophisticated way. This isn’t about showing off your wealth or making a song and dance about how you have the latest accessory – FashionBeans readers aren’t ostentatious or pretentious.

As mentioned above, the money clip is a practical and viable solution for the modern male who cares about his appearance, but it will also stand out naturally in comparison to every other guy who continues to lug around his bulky wallet at all times.

Not only that, a money clip can also be personalised quickly and easily. Custom leather wallets are often expensive, whilst you can have a money clip engraved with your initials or a meaningful phrase for a fraction of the cost. Again, this makes them even more unique and individual to you, or the perfect gift for family or friends.

How To Use A Money Clip

So how exactly do you use a money clip? It’s easy:

  1. Fold notes in half over any cards.
  2. Slide into the money clip.
  3. Carry around hassle free.

How To Use A Money Clip


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