Design Your Own Converse Trainers





Converse Design-Your-Own

Well over 100 years ago, Marquis Mills Converse established The Converse Rubber Show Company in Massachusetts, USA. In 1917, the Converse All-Star basketball trainer was introduced and has become arguably the most recognized trainer silhouette ever made (and I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that would argue). We’re talking the Coca-Cola of kicks. Today the company is owned by Nike, having been bought for $305 million back in 2003.

Whether you’re aware of the history or not, it is likely that you’ve owned a pair of All-Stars at some point. I’m almost certain I’ve come across every colour within the visible spectrum (and some that aren’t) and every combo ever imagined. However, sometimes a personal touch is necessary. Trainers convey your personality, your interests and even how much you’re prepared to spend on looking good. Footwear is so much more than footwear.

With that knowledge in mind, the guys at Nike now give you the opportunity to customize your Converse. That’s everything from the outer body to the lining to the stitch. If you opt for the Multi Tongue, each can be a different colour and the same goes for the inner and outer bodies of the Doubles (the ones that look like you’re wearing two pairs at once). Just like NikeID, you can also tag your trainers with your name, your initials or whatever else that only consists of 12 characters.

Sometimes the desire to be unique can be an expensive venture. With the pricing ranging from £54 for Chuck Taylor Lows up to £78 for the XX-Hi (knee length) boots, I’d say your one-of-a-kinds are most definitely affordable.

A word of caution; try to have an idea of what you’d like before you take a look at the site. Otherwise, like me, you’ll waste an entire afternoon at work thinking up new combos and distract everyone else in the office as well. Good thing I’m writing this on a Friday…

Service available at:

Looking good isn’t important, it’s everything.

Converse Design-Your-Own:

Converse Design-Your-Own

Converse Design-Your-Own

Converse Design-Your-Own

Converse Design-Your-Own



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