Could Online Education Be the End of the Typical College Experience?


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Could Online Education Be the End of the Typical College Experience?

No one ever recalls their online education experience with as much fondness as those remembering their college dorm years.

San Jose State University in San Jose, Calif., is piloting a new program to offer remedial classes online. The university is partnering with Silicon Valley start-up Udacity, an online education platform. At first, the program will let in around 300 students and offer only three courses, but there’s a possibility this online education for first-year classes could expand to all California state schools if it’s a success. The California State University system is the largest university system in the U.S., so the college experience for future students could potentially be drastically different.

As the New York Times noted, California Governor Jerry Brown has been pushing schools to adopt online classes as a way to make education more affordable for students.

CSU Chancellor Timothy White tells the Sacramento Bee that these online courses can expand access to popular “bottleneck” courses, entry-level courses that are required for students to move on to classes for majors.

Dr. Katherine Cohen, CEO and founder of IvyWise, a website that offers education counseling and tutoring for students, tells Mashable this may be the California State University school system’s first major foray into online education, but other universities and organizations instituted online courses some time ago.

“Distance learning has been taken to a whole new level in recent years with the introduction of MOOCs (massive open online courses) taught by well-respected professors from revered universities, including Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, aimed at large-scale participation and open access via the web,” she says.

These online education companies give people unprecedented access to higher learning, she continues. Students from anywhere in the world can get access to classes at Ivy League universities at a much more affordable rate.

But what’s missing is the typical college experience, in which students, now legal adults, get to have more independence outside their parents’ homes and move into dorms or campus housing. With online classes, students could continue to live at home with their parents in order to save money on living expenses.

“Now, there’s certainly something to be said for the college experience,” Cohen said. “College is where students build their social and professional networks, ones they will rely upon throughout the rest of their lives. Students living on campus also tend to mature much more quickly, as they take on new responsibilities and maintain a new level of independence. These are aspects of the college experience that can get lost in a large, virtual college classroom.”

TechCrunch predicts that, if successful, this pilot program will spell an end for community colleges, part-time teaching faculty and, eventually, graduate programs, since teaching jobs could dry up. It ends with a small number of students actually receiving face-time with professors.

As more universities add online courses, do you think the typical college experience will change for the better or worse? Tell us in the comments.

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Five Creamy Makeup Essentials For Dry Winter Skin

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‘Homeland’ Star Morgan Saylor Talks About Her Winning Night at the Golden Globes

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Homeland’ Star Morgan Saylor Talks About Her Winning Night at the Golden Globes

The 18-year-old Georgia native gave us the scoop on filming intense scenes with Claire Danes and working with her on-screen love interest Timothée Chalamet.

Photo: Getty Images

Congratulations on the show’s win at the Golden Globes! You were gorgeous onstage.
“Thank you! It was a big surprise for us. Someone brought us from the Fox viewing party, which is on the same property, and we were standing in the back of the show hoping our name would be called so that we wouldn’t have to turn around and walk back from where we came from.”

So you weren’t sitting in the crowd with the other nominees?
“They don’t like to have kids at the actual Globes, which I think is lame. After we won, we snuck back to the table and stayed there the rest of the show, which was really fun!”

Your dress was beautiful. What were you wearing?
“Brad Goreski was my stylist and that was a Naeem Khan dress. It was the first dress I tried on and I fell in love with it.”

How long have you been working with Brad? 
“This is our first thing together. Literally!”

Have you been juggling school with the Globes?
“I’m a senior at a public school in Atlanta and I’ll graduate in May. I flew out Friday morning. I try to miss as little school as possible. I had a photo shoot Monday, went back Tuesday night on the red eye, and was back at school Wednesday morning. I only missed three days, which is good. I talked to all my teachers and got my assignments and have been working on them.”

During the show, do they work around your school schedule?
“Not really, no. The show films June through November, so it’s nice because I have two months of summer where I get to be on set and focus solely on that. But then in August, September, October and a little bit of November, I’m juggling both. I live in Atlanta and we film in Charlotte, which is just a four hour drive, so I do get to go home a lot and physically be in school.”

So did you go to any parties or did you just go home?
“I stayed for the show and then we all went to the Fox after-party. We sat around with the cast and the writers and were super psyched!”

In the final episode of season one, your character Dana Brody has a huge scene with Claire Danes. What was that like?
“Getting to act with Claire was really fun because it was something I didn’t expect at the beginning of the season. We tried to film the ending in one big scene, but it was too much—too much for the camera and too much for us. There was a lot of back and forth between me and Claire, and a lot of lines to know. We would mess up a lot. It’s similar to the way a lot of things have been this season, like the car chase and the hospital scene.”

The hospital scene! What was that like? How did you prepare for that?
“I was just pretending I was literally in the scenario, which isn’t always the way acting is. Guy Pearson directed that episode and he’s really fantastic. Chip Johannessen wrote that scene and he was there, too. It was a big day! I was the only regular actor on set. It involved me getting worked up, walking into frame, and being in the moment.”

Dana has turned into a moral compass for the show in season two. How cool is that?
“It’s crazy! Who would have thought that from the first episode the pot-smoking teenager would know what’s right and what’s wrong.”

You and your sometimes-boyfriend Finn, played by Timothée Chalamet, are so good together!
“We’re really, really good friends. I love Timothée. We met on set and clicked. We’ve stayed in great touch. I’ve flown in to visit him in New York and he’s come down to Atlanta to hang out with my friends. It’s never been a romance, we’re just genuinely good friends. We’ll be friends for a long time, I think.”

What do you want to see for Dana in next season?
“I don’t understand where it’s going to go. Today is the day the writers are having their first storyboard meeting and I won’t see a script for months!”

What’s your off-screen relationship with Damian Lewis, who plays your dad?
“I like Damian a lot and I admire the actor he’s become. I really enjoy working with him. We’ve had some great talks about acting and growing up. I really love his kids, too. They’re my favorite! It’s fun to hang out with them when they come to Charlotte; we go to the pool or hike. It’s really nice to know each other’s families.”

When you watch the episodes, are you surprised about how they come out?
“Sometimes, yeah! You know how when you read a book and it becomes a movie, and it’s different than you pictured? In some ways, acting is a lot like that. I watch the show with my best friend and her extended family, and it’s really fun to see their reactions. I’ll look at their faces when I know something big is about to happen and it’s nice to see how they react.”

Homeland was your first job right? You did theatre right?
“I did some theatre. I had some smaller roles in a couple TV shows and films. I used to think I did a lot of acting, but my ‘career’ started when I started Homeland.”

How many auditions did you have?
“Just two. I got a call back with Alex Gansa and Michael Cuesta who wrote and directed the first episode. I walked out of the room and felt like it was going to happen. It was one of those good feelings.”

You achieved this amazing role at such a young age! You’re such an inspiration to my readers. Do you have any advice for young people trying to achieve a big dream?
“Keep going and really be psyched about what you do. Everything you’re doing is a chance at an opportunity, so why not give it your fullest and try?”

Do you have any plans for when you graduate?
“I’ll probably be filming. I did apply to college, which was kind of weird, and a spontaneous decision. We’ll see where that goes!”


Apple Lets Online Buyers in China Pay in Two-Year Installments


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Detailed photos of Kolor Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013 men’s

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We all know that it’s the finer details that count, and that’s why we captured a detailed look at Kolor men’s fall / winter 2013 runway show.

kolor men's details fall 2013

Article continues. To read it in full visit ‘Detailed photos of Kolor Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013 men’s‘ at »

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The Closet Covert


The Closet Covet….I’m in disgrace. The sample sale yesterday was a dismal disappointment and I feel like I let you all down. How could I? Should I have known? Why me…..OK, wallowing over because I have redeemed myself in SPECTACULAR style. I don’t know why I’m sharing it really because, quite frankly, I want everything on here for myself.

Versace silk crepe cocktail dress

Now, how to describe ‘Discount website’ is far too dismissive and ‘designer boutique’ would scare you off immediately, for fear that your credit card could not handle the treasures you’d find.

OK, let me set the scene. Imagine you stumble in to a shop- a pretty little space on a quaint side street, with mannequins in the window that make the cast of Sex and the City look like hobos. Naturally, you want everything and, just as you are contemplating forgoing next month’s rent in order to get your hands on a divine fuschia Versace dress, you notice the price tag. £250? You know that a beautifully tailoired blend of silk and chiffon like this is going for £800 in Bond Street’s finest stores and you quickly bundle the dress to the counter and avoid eye contact with the sales girl, terrified that at any moment she will realise there has been some terrible mistake and order you out of the shop and back to the highstreet, where you belong.
Well, Sophia’s closet is that very scenario- and in this case you can shop at ease, knowing that the prices are no mistake, just some divine treat from the fashion gods!

I love it because it is simple. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your label needs. You’ll find patentLouboutin pumps alongside beautifully crafted Louis Vuitton totes and Cavalli animal print…perhaps you’ll need the Burberry trench to go over it…or an Elle Macpherson for underneath….whatever your wardrobe is crying out for, Sophia seems to have it. If you fancy a change you can even sell your own designer pieces through the site and raise cash for another shopping spree! What’s not to love?!
So now you know how it works, here’s some of my favourite finds to get you started:

Just Cavalli Silk Scarf
  • A half price Just Cavalli silk scarf. Scarves are fantastic designer investments as they are so versatile- this Autumn it’ll immediately upgrade any highstreet coat and look divine knotted above a simple blouse. Why not tie it around the handles of your favourite bag or go rockabilly by wrapping it around your bouffant? So many possibilities for so little cash.
Marc Jacobs Shoulder Bag
  • ThisMarc Jacobs bag may be pre-loved but it looks like it’s in fab condition. and I had to read the price over and over again to believe it. You save £670 on this beauty! That is not a mis-print! GO, GO, GO!
Black and gold is the ultimate classic so it’s another one that will see you through countless outfits. Ohhh and the durable chain handles and spacious body mean it’s actually useful too!
  • Haute Hippie Ostrich Dress
    I’m furious that I have ever spent over £100 on a high street evening dress. Probably a poorly stitched number that two other girls were wearing and was banished to the back of my wardrobe as soon as I got home. This Haute Hippie Ostrich cocktail dress is my favourite in Sophia’s heavenly closet. It is playful yet demure and will go with just about everything. Oh god, I just realised how much I want it.
  • Finally, I’m still reeling at the saving on these BRAND NEW Crisian & McCaffery black python pumps. The gold plaque on the sole and textured feel mean that onlookers will spot your designer status a mile off- and they won’t know that you got them for less than half price. Again, I’ve chosen these because they will blend in with your existing collection so seamlessly and can be adapted for so many occasions. Perfection.
Crisian & McCaffery python pumps

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these images, they have all been taken from
I have not been asked or prompted in any way to promote this website or any of its content, I simply like the clothes- and prices- I found.

London fashion …

London fashion week is fast approaching and all the best-dressed trendsetters are always attending, which means the press are eagerly analysing their clothing choices. Everyone’s interested in who’s wearing whom? Is Kate Moss in Burberry or Stella McCartney? What’s Rihanna wearing? Who’s made it to the front row? This means choosing what to wear to the shows is always a nightmare. Designer clothing can be so expensive, and wearing your high street casuals is not an option.

 London Fashion Week is all about dressing to impress. 


So where do you even begin to look for suitable outfits for next seasons shows?

Maybe Sophia can help! Her online closet is always full of top designer clothes & accessories, and vintage is always in fashion. Sophia only stores the best and most wonderful designer pieces and she’s always there to help just one click away. From Louboutin’s classy Bianca heels to Haute Hippie’s ostrich feather cocktail dress Sophia has it all and she’s ready so solve all your fashion week outfit dilemmas.


Its all kicking off Friday 14th September with Antoni & Alison at the Courtyard show space and we expect to see you there in something wonderful from Sophia. With a range of different styles and outfits to choose from, Sophia can you keep you in Fashion up until Fashion Fringe closes the show on Tuesday September 18th.